Good Night

Bruce on Paul's Piano

This is a tribute to the man who set the bar high for musical guests on talk shows.

To see David Letterman’s commitment to high quality music & edgy artists over the last 33 years, watch a burn-the-house-down classic from The Boss, Reagan-era Dylan sounding more The Knack than Bob Dylan, Sir Paul “Get(ting) Back” on top of a NYC roof 40 years after he & the lads burned down the rooftop of 3 Savile Row…and 7 more memorable moments:

David Letterman’s Top 10 Musical Moments

So a big “thank you” to Dave and a fond farewell to one of the greatest comedy & musical institutions in TV history.

Closing out The White Album and signalling perhaps the beginning of the Beatles’ end, I offer these parting words…

Now it’s time to say good night
Good night, sleep tight
Now the sun turns out his light
Good night, sleep tight

Would love to hear which of these moments you enjoyed most. Thanks for sharing!


3 thoughts on “Good Night

  1. Nice one mate. Love “Dave’s favourite band” playing his favourite song. Foo Fighters are an amazing live act. And the obscure unknown band from Athens Georgia were brilliant. Whatever happened to them? And, of coarse, Sir Paul on the Roof. What an amazing promoter of quality music Letterman and Shaffer have been for decades.

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  2. Dave was a great advocate for music. It blows my mind to think there was a musical guest on nearly every night for 33 years. I haven’t watched the show since the late eighties, but can remember in high school tuning in just to see the top ten list and then of course staying up till the end to see the musical guest. He will be missed.


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