Gotta Keep It New to Keep It True


12 thoughts on “Gotta Keep It New to Keep It True

  1. Nice one mate as usual. Love the piano accordion. Looks like the beskirted one is coming into his own and making a real name for himself. Great to see such gems emerging from an otherwise dire state of pop music circa 2015.
    P.s. I’m blown away by this brilliant photo of you diggin some early 70’s tunes. Carol King? A Kodak Carousel classic! That orange chair is so 1973 man! Groovy.


  2. I love how a line that would be cheesy or cliche if spoken can feel so profound if sung in a pop song. Ezra has that smooth 90’s Brit pop sound and feel. Thanks for continuing to turn us on to great music!

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  3. When I close my eyes and listen to that track, I think “Holy crap, to say that I like music makes me a huge poser because I would have otherwise haven never given this track much of a listen. And I need to unsubscribe from this blog because I am clearly out of my musical league.” I will just continue to ride your coat tails…
    Otherwise I like it!

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